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(For 1 or more players) 


Game No. 1 — Shooting Gallery 
Game No. 2 — Black Jack 
Game No. 3 — Code Hunter 
Game No. 4 - Grand Prix 

Plus a 4 Function Calculator 

Power (WOn 
Grand Prix- Garni 
"Coda Huntar-Gama 
-Black Jack-Gama 
-Shooting, Gallery- Game 

RETURN' burton 

The Game Machine is a unique micro- 
processor/computer, electronic game 
and calculator that consists of one 
plastic case and four sets of plastic 
coated card overlays. These overlays 
will aid you in playing the 4 games. 
At your command this "micro- 
computer" has been programed to 
perform mathematical calculations 
as any common calculator, or it will 
play any of the 4 programed games. 

Information about the Game 

1. Proper Care: 

As in any computer the Game 
Machine is made of many delicate 
electronic parts, therefore: 

• Never take the Game Machine 

• Be careful not to drop the 
Game Machine. 

• Do not bang the keys. 

• Do not let the Game Machine 
become wet or damp. 

• Caution: when inserting batteries 
or an A/C adaptor, the powder 
switch should be in the off 

2. Power: 

Batteries - insert 6-1.5 Volt 
"C" size batteries to the bottom 
of the Game Machine. Your Game 
Machine will work on regular "C" 
cells however, alkaline batteries 
are recommended, as they will 
last up to 30 hours of use compared 
to 6 to 8 hours with regular batteries. 

AC Adaptor — the following A.C. 
adaptors have been approved for 
the Game Machine: 

• Radio Shack #2701551 1 

• Dynamic Instruments # TV 

When using even these adaptors, 
the Game Machine may operate 
erratically when you turn the 
switch "on". If the rotating num- 
bers 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - do not 
immediately appear, turn the 
machine "off" and switch back to 
"on". You may repeat this as 
many times as necessary until the 
machine operates properly. If you 
cannot conveniently locate one of 
the above adaptors, we recommend 
you bring your Game Machine to 
a store to test the adaptor that 
you are considering. 

The adaptor should meet the 

following specification: 

8 Watts 

9 Volt 
180 MA 

Signs of Weak Batteries — Your 
Game Machine will let you know 
when the batteries are weak by 
operating erratically. Funny 
"Sqiggles", or half numbers will 
appear on the screen, or you will 
hear strange sounds from the 
speaker. Do not be alarmed, a new 
set of batteries will quickly put 
your machine back in operating 

To Install Batteries: 

1. Turn machine upside down, 
remove battery case cover, (see 

2. Place 3 "C" cell batteries as 
indicated in battery case in top 
row and 3 "C" cell batteries 

as indicated in battery case in 
the bottom row. 

3. Snap battery cover in place. 




i£U2i \l'1 

lii k^olil 




\£l J%|i \£l 

."El 1 la'," „."y 






Each game has its own set of over- 
lays. As you select the desired game, 
place the overlays in place on the 
machine. One overlay will cover the 
keyboard and the other will easily 
go in place if you lay the bottom edge 
in first. 

To Operate: 

1. Turn the switch on the right side 
of machine to "ON" 

2. The numbers 4-3-2-1-0 
will flash and rotate on the left 
side of the screen. The machine is 
asking you to select a game (4—3—2 
—1) or to use it as a calculator (0). 
It is your choice — simply press 
the button on the keyboard for 
what you want! 

Calculator — press "0" button 
Shooting Gallery — press "1" 
button (SG appears on screen) 
Black Jack — press "2" button (bJ 
appears on screen) 
Code Hunter— press "3" button 
(CH appears on screen) 

Grand Prix — press "4" button 
(GP appears on screen) 

3. To change to another game or to 
the calculator after you have 
completed a game or a mathema- 
tical function, press the yellow 
"return" button. This button will 
return the machine to a neutral 
position so you may repeat the 
steps in number 2. (NOTE — in 
the middle of a game the yellow 
button functions as part of the 
game being played. It can return a 
neutral position only at the end of 
a game. ) 


THE CALCULATOR (Selection Key: 


This calculator is simple and fun to 

operate. It is a basic four-function, 

seven digit, floating decimal point 

calculator with one memory storage 

for chain operations. 

Keys and their meanings: 

Return — Select other game keys. 

MS — Memory Store Key. 

MR - Memory Recall Key 

+/ Change Sign Key from plus to 

minus or minus to plus. 
— Decimal Point Key. 
± — Plus Function or Equals 

= — Minus Function or Equals key. 
X - Multiply key. 
-r — Divide key. 
CL — Clear all keys except memory. 

To clear memory you must 

enter and then press M.S. 
0—9— Numerical keys. 

• Addition/Subtraction 

1.23 + 4.56 -78.90 = -73.11 
CL 1.23*4.56= 78.90 ±73.11 

■ Multiplication/Division 

7.89 x 1.23+3.21 =3.023271 
CL7.89x 1.23 + 3.21 ±3.023271 

■ Memory operation 
1.2 + 3.4 = 4.6 

CL 1.2 + 3.4±MS 4.6 

5.6 + 4.6= 1.217391 
CL5.6+MR± 1.217319 

• Error conditions 

999888 x 222333 (overflow) 

1.23 + (divided by zero) 



(Selection key number "1") 

After you have selected the Shooting 
Gallery Game by pressing button 
number 1, the Shooting Gallery 
overlays may be placed on the Game 
Machine. There are 3 target patterns 
to choose from as indicated on the 
keyboard overlay: RANDOM, CYCLIC 

Object of the game: Hit the target as 
often as you can in 30 shots. 

Operating keys for shooting gallery: 

- Return 
i— Cyclic 



Cyclic target pattern 

start key 


Zigzag target pattern 

start key 


Random target pattern 

start key 

All 20 keys: 

Shooting keys 


Select other games key. 

To start game: Depress any one of the 

following ta 

rget pattern keys CYCLIC, 


How to play: Select which of the three 
patterns you want to shoot and press 
that key. There are twenty spaces on 
the screen which correspond to the 
twenty keys. The target will appear 
and move around on the screen. You 
must "HIT" the proper key at the 
exact moment the target is displayed 
on one of the twenty corresponding 
spaces (see diagram 1 and 2). 

Diagram # 7 

Target at one moment. 

The key to shoot out 
the target at that 



Be quick, because the target will move: 
Diagram #2 i 

SCREEN Target is here no w 

KEYBOARD This key will shoot 
out the target now. 

Scoring: The machine will flash your 
running score with each hit. When you 
play more than one game, use the 
score pads provided to keep track of 
your progress. 
After the game is over: If you want to 
play another Shooting Gallery Game, 
simply press another pattern key 
or press the Return key to select one 
of the other games. 

Black Jack: (Selection key number 


After you have selected the Black 

Jack Game by pressing key number 2, 

the Black Jack overlays may be 

placed on the Game Machine. 

Object of the Game: to be the closest 
player to 21 points, without going 
over 21 . If a player goes over 21, the 
player automatically loses. 

Operating keys for black jack: 

■ Return Hit 


Deal : First two cards are dealt to 

player and dealer 
Hit: Player wants another card 

for his hand. 
Stand: Player willing to stand and 

wants no more cards. This 

key will start dealer's turn to 

deal cards to himself. 
Return: Select other game key, (this 

key only effective at the end 

of the game). 

Special black jack code: 

a = Ace can be counter as 1 or 11 
by player, but the Game 
Machine dealer must always 
count it as 1 1. 
= Ten (10 points) 
J = Jack or (10 points) 
"■= Queen or (10 points) 
f = King or (Wpoin ts) 

To start game. Press Deal: 

How to play: Study your two cards 
at the right of the screen and look at 
the dealers hand at the left. (You are 
only allowed to see one of his cards — 
the other card is represented by 3 
dashes h .) You then decide to 
"STAND" or to take another card. 
If you want another card, press the 
"HIT" key. You may take as many 
"HITS" as you want until you are as 
close to, or have exactly reached 21 
points. When you are satisfied with 
Stand your hand, press the "STAND" key 
and the Game Machine will complete 
the round by dealing the rest of the 
dealers cards. Remember, if you go 
over 21 you lose. 

Black Jack is when a player has an 
Ace and any one card valued at 1 
points. This is an automatic win and 
can only be tied by another Black 

Special Rules for Dealer: 

The dealer has been programed to take 
another card, as long as his total is 
less than 17 — the dealer has also been 
programed not to take another card 
once his total is 17 or more. This 
rule is the same as in the Casinos 
around the world. 


The winner is the player or the dealer, 
whichever has the higher hand, 21 
points or less. At the end of each deal 
the winner will be indicated by Flashing 
and a Trilling sound (a tie is indicated 
by both number sets flashing at the 
same time). The letter bJ will then 
appear on the left hand side of the 
screen — the Game Machine is now 
ready for another deal — just press 
the "Deal" key and a new hand will 


Use the score pad to keep track of your 
imaginary bank of $200.00, "Betting" 
will add to your enjoyment of the game. 
Just follow the simple instructions on 
the score sheet to have more fun 
with your Game Machine playing 
Black Jack. 

Code Hunter: (Selection Key 
number "3") 

After you have selected the Code 
Hunter Game by pressing key number 
3, the Code Hunter overlays may be 
placed on the Game Machine. 

Object of the Game: To discover the 
4 digit number code which the Game 
Machine has hidden in its memory, 
(only digits 1 through 8 may be used 
— no zero's or nines). The player is 
to find this number on the least 
number of turns possible. 

Operating keys for code hunter: 

_ . Review Back 

I- Return Enter , 

Start I r.jf^r r. u V Review 

Start: Press this button to start game. 
Nos. 1 to 8: Enter four numbers to 

discover the four digit 

Enter: Tells the Game Machine your 
four digit number for the code. 

Display: displays the code in the 
event the player is unable to break the 
code and wishes to "give up". 

Curser: is used to change a number 
before pressing the enter key. It moves 
the decimal from one number to 
another on the display before entering 
the sequence. The number to the left 
of the decimal may be changed prior 
to pressing the entry key. 

Review Back and Ahead Keys: these 
two keys let you review up to the 
last eight entries. Pressing the Review 
Back key H , reviews your last 
entry — press it again and your next 
to last entry will appear on the screen, 
etc. Once you have reviewed back you 
can press the Review Ahead key A and 
see more recent entries. It is not 
necessary to move all the way back 
to your turn to enter a new number — 
just press a number and the Game 
Machine will automatically move you 
to the correct turn. 

How to play: Begin the game Code 
Hunter by pressing the Start button — 
the following will be shown on the 

n n n n n n n 
u. u u u u u LI 

Seven zero's are displayed, each in its 
own column — 1 through 7. Columns 
1 through 4 are where the players 4 
digit number will be displayed as each 
number is entered, one at a time 
starting with column 1. It is also where 
the Game Machine has its selected code 
digits. The players digits must match 
the four hidden digits in the Game 
Machines memory. 

Column #5 tells how many numbers 
are correct and that they are in the 
correct column. 

Column # 6 tells how many numbers 
are correct, but that they are in the 
wrong column. 

Column # 7 keeps track of how many 
turns have been taken. 

Lets go through a typical turn: 

First Turn: 

Select any 4 numbers as a first guess — 
let's assume they are 7—2—8—5. 
Press the seven button, the two button, 
the eight button and the five button in 
that order. These numbers will appear 
on the screen — check to see that the 
intended keys were pressed. If an 
error was made, it can be corrected 
(see rules for curser). If the numbers 
on the screen are satisfactory, press 
the "ENTER" key. Here is what will 
show up on the screen. 

r u 

L i I 

"i "i n r "/ 

I. L U _» L 


Explanation — columns 1 through 4 
are the first guess. The 2 in the 5th 
column states that two of the numbers 
entered are correct and are in the 
right place. The 1 in the 6th column 
states that in addition to the two 
numbers which are correct and in the 
correct place, there is also an addi- 
tional correct number, but it is in the 
wrong place. The in the seventh 
column states that it is still the players 
first turn. 


When the player has "BROKEN THE 
CODE" and entered the correct num- 
bers in the correct sequence, the 
numbers will FLASH and the number 
4 will appear in the 5th and 6th 
columns. The number of turns taken 
will appear in the last two columns, 
to the far right of the screen. 
If the player gives up, press the display 
key and the HIDDEN CODE will 
appear on the screen. 


Read how the CURSER works, if the 
wrong key is pressed, the digit may 
be changed to another number before 
pressing the enter key. Just move the 
CURSER left to right by pressing the 
CURSER key until the decimal is to 
the right of the digit to be changed. 
Use the REVIEW keys to "LOOK 
BACK" or review previous entries. 
In the beginning the player may want 
to write down the number digit entries 
and the "CLUES" from columns 5 
and 6, but soon, use of the review 
keys will be preferred. After 8 turns, 
the entry from the previous turn 
will show up on the screen. Don't let 
this bother you, just keep on playing 

— your new numbers will overprint the 
last entry and your new entry will 
register in the machine. 

Grand Prix: (Selection key number 

After you have selected the Grand Prix 
Game by pressing key number 4, the 
corresponding Grand Prix overlays 
may be placed on the Game Machine. 
Object of the game: to keep the 
players car "in the race" for the longest 
time with the least number of accidents. 
This is done by moving the player's race 
car from lane to lane to avoid an 
accident. The final score shows how 
many cars were avoided during the 

Operating keys for grand prix: 

Move up keys 

Move Down keys 


Go — Press to start the two minute 

Gas key — Increases the speed of the 
player's car in relationship to the 
field and has the visual effect of slow- 
ing down the speed of the onrushing 
cars as represented by the moving 

Brake key — Slows down the player's 
car in relationship to the field and has 
the visual effect of speeding up the 
oncoming cars. 

Move up keys — These three keys are 
all the same. Anyone of them may be 
used in the same way in the race. 
They have two functions; first, to bring 
the players car from the pits onto the 
racetrack and second, to change lanes 
UPWARDS for the player's car. 

Move Down keys — These three keys 
are also all the same and one of them 
may be used in the same way in the 
race. These keys all have the same 
function and change lanes DOWN- 
WARD for the players car. 

How to play: Press the GO key - this 
starts the two minute race. The player's 
car appears on the screen as a DOT 
above the yellow race car sign on the 
overlay. Opposing race cars appear 
as dashes whizzing by at high speed 
in any one of the 3 horizontal "LANES" 
on the screen. 

(1) With a left hand finger, depress the 
GAS key. This will SLOW DOWN 
the other race cars and give the 
player a chance to get out of the 
pitstop and into the racetrack. 

(2) When there is an opening between 
the race cars, try and enter the 
race. With a right hand finger, 
press any one of the move up 
keys. This will change the race 
car from a dot to a dash and bring 
it OUT of the pitstop and onto 
the racetrack. 

(3) Change lanes UP and DOWN 
with a right hand finger. This is 
how the race car avoids onrushing 
cars and having an accident, 
(shown by the race cars tumbling 
action and the funny sound). 

After each accident the race must 
be re-entered as in the beginning 
of the race (#1). * NOTE: The 
race car does not move forward 
on the screen it can only be moved 
up and down in the three lanes. 


A perfect score is 99, (lots of luck) 
no one has ever scored that high. It 
means staying on the track almost 
the entire 2 minutes using the BRAKE 
key with almost NO ACCIDENTS. 
Any score over 50 is great — but 
practice makes perfect, so keep trying. 
At the end of the race the score will 
FLASH on the screen. Use the score 
sheets provided to keep track of 


To score the most points, press the 
BRAKE key - but try several races 
using only the GAS key before 
racing faster with the BRAKE key. 

We hope you enjoy your GAME 
MACHINE for many years to come. 
If you have any questions about 
your machine Calculator or Games, 
please write to us and we will send you 
a prompt reply. 

Send all inquiries to: 


P.O. Box 374 

Evanston, Illinois 60204 


All Rights Reserved.